Acting Prep is the most advanced session offered, by invitation only, and intended for the serious, professionally-minded acting student. Here, we’ll build on the skills from the Acting Essentials and Acting Fundamentals sessions and marry our emotional work with additional technique exercises, independent activities, script analysis, and in-class performances to prepare for roles and perform at our very best. 

The Details:

Class: Acting Prep
Level: Advanced
Type: On-going, 4-week studio sessions
Meets In Person: Thursdays, 7PM – 9PM
Total Cost: 169.00 (includes block of 4 classes plus enrollment in Fundamentals)

Upcoming Sessions: 

  • February 2024 | Thursdays, 2/15 – 3/7

Requirements: Must have an invite from instructors to join. This session is a two-night (5-hours/week) classroom commitment with assigned homework *



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Acting Prep is an invitational session available to students who have demonstrated an intermediate or higher ability with the Meisner technique. Specifically, the student has successfully and repeatedly demonstrated the 5 CORE emotions highlighted on their self-progress charts from the Fundamentals session, has competency in all of the exercises, and has been invited by their instructor to join. 

Commitment: As with Fundamentals, Acting Prep will be in rolling four-week increments with an off week in between. You are signing up for a twice-a-week commitment when you join. You are required to attend Fundamentals on Tuesday nights and Prep on Thursdays. However, you will only be paying for Prep.

Focus: This class will focus on preparation, given the name “Acting Prep.” What is preparation? Preparation is the skills and techniques you will need to prepare for roles successfully. These techniques will allow you to learn who your character is and how you relate to them, but they will also help you through those areas where you get stuck and cannot see the relationship. This class is designed to give you the tools you need to perform on set (and the confidence to know you can perform at your best). The workload will be comparable to booking a professional, paid role and having to prepare while maintaining your daily life. We will learn select exercises by Stella Adler and Uta Hagen, the Strasberg technique, and Practical Aesthetics. We will complete a series of exercises before continuing into script analysis; Strasberg will be covered throughout the course. As you progress, this class will naturally evolve into scene study.

What to Expect: Homework, a relatively substantial amount of homework. In addition to being a twice-a-week commitment, as the emotional work of an actor never stops, hence why you must continue to go to Fundamentals, there will be homework. This will exist in the form of exercises you must practice, plays you must read, script analysis you must perform, and roles you must prepare for, all to bring to and perform in class. 

Disclaimer: If you are not prepared for class, this will become an expensive seat as you won’t be able to participate. If the whole class is not prepared, you will be sent home. If you are not coming to class with the homework ready to perform, we will not be teaching additional information on top of it. We must learn skills so that we may build upon them. If you are not prepared, we cannot continue. This is not said to discourage anyone from joining the class. As previously stated, this session is invite-only and reserved only for those we believe are ready.

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February 2024 – Thursdays, 2/15 – 3/7


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