Professional Artist

At Creative Veins, we’ve got something special in store for professionals like you who have already completed their training and are on the lookout for an affordable and flexible way to stay sharp and inspired. Our membership programs are akin to a fitness class for creatives, offering a diverse range of exercises from various disciplines that aim to boost your concentration, raise your emotional IQ, build your imagination, and help keep you grounded when everything around you and inside you is putting you in your head. The best part? Our classes are a mix of seasoned students with years of experience from prestigious institutions and newcomers just dipping their toes into the world of creativity, so there is no pressure, and no need to be brilliant, our classes are a reminder that this is supposed to be fun.

Atlanta has a vibrant creative scene and Creative Veins is here to complement and cooperate with the current offerings not replace or compete with any of the very fine institutions in this amazing city. While we’re proud of our stand-up comedy and screenwriting classes, which we believe are exceptional, we also recognize that other studios in the city offer invaluable training experiences that are designed for professionals. In fact, all of our instructors at Creative Veins honed their craft at these very studios.

If your dream is to become a professional actor, we wholeheartedly recommend considering training at one of these established studios. However, if you’re unsure about where to begin or are simply curious to explore different techniques and styles, we warmly invite you to join us for a month or so. It’s a fantastic way to get a taste of what we have to offer and to help you find the perfect fit for your creative journey depending on which techniques are most effective for you.

At Creative Veins, our primary focus is on personal development, rather than professional development. While we teach similar techniques, we do not aim to replace the depth of training you’ll receive at a professional studio. We’re here to support your growth, whether that means training with us or finding the ideal studio that aligns with your professional aspirations.

We’re happy to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Atlanta – Emily Soppe: @emily

Jacksonville – Rebecca Thompson:

Places We Have Trained and Recommend

Dad’s Garage – Improv / Sketch Comedy

Robert Mello Studio – Meisner – Robert Mello Studio

Jayon Warner Smith – Strasberg – JWS Studios

Brad Brinkley – Practical Aesthetics – Drama, Inc.

Eliana Marianes – Viewpoints – Drama, Inc.

Membership Levels

Creative/Collaborative Only

These memberships are for those who aren’t interested in any training but want to take advantage of our network of creatives for performing and production opportunities.

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Training Memberships

These memberships are for those who are interested in building/maintaining their skills. Members are free to attend any class they like as many times as they like depending on their level. You pay a monthly fee and then whenever you want to show up to class, you just have to reserve your spot at least 3 hours in advance. Also includes producer-level membership access to the Creative Veins Social Network, a vibrant online hub that brings together a diverse community of improvisers, comics, actors, filmmakers, and writers. The Creative Viens Social platform serves as a welcoming space for individuals to connect, socialize, and forge meaningful connections. Whether you’re looking to spark new projects, seek out like-minded peers, or simply share your creative journey, it’s more than just another social network; it’s a supportive and inspiring force within the Atlanta creative community, dedicated to cultivating opportunities and uniting the city’s artistic talents.

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Taping Memberships

Taping memberships are for those who are interested in having on-call access to our amazing equipment and coaches. Normally you’re required to schedule 24 hours in advance and it’s $30 per half hour but members just need to give us a 3-hour notice and can tape as much as they like.

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