Creative Veins Community Charter

This is the promise the studio, coaches, and members make to each other.


The primary function of the studio is to increase creativity. Creativity is measured by the subjective quantity and quality of art being produced as determined by the standards and taste of each member.

  • The studio’s role in that process is to provide resources that facilitate more and better art and opportunities to create more and better art.
  • The role of the coach is to provide guidance and encouragement so that the quality and frequency of creation are improved.
  • The role of the student is to create.

Producing content is not necessarily creativity. Production is profit-focused whereas creation is innovation-focused. Productions ask themselves how much will it cost/make and how long will it take. Creativity is about expression, exploring, discovering, and innovating. Creating is the process of inventing the lightbulb. Production is the process of making money off the lightbulb after it has already been invented. When you’re creating you look forward, production backwards. Creation asks what could be. Production asks what was popular yesterday. When you’re creating you don’t know where you are going, if what you’re doing will even work, it’s wasteful, risky, and unclear. Production knows exactly where it’s going because what they’re doing has already been done before. The focus is not on new or changing but on sticking to the formula. It’s focus is on streamlining the process of that which has already been created.

Every time a member engages with the studio, we want them to do something they’ve never done before. It can be something incredibly bold and unfamiliar or something simple and routine but done slightly differently. Our focus is on our members’ experience. Our mission is to help our members become the artists they want to be.


Growth is the result of mitigating weakness. Pain shows us where we are weak. We must continually seek discomfort. If we want to grow big and fast, we must seek big and lots of pain and discomfort. If we are not failing, we’re not doing something new. If we are not uncomfortable we’re not growing. The singular goal of the studio is to create more and better. To do more and to do better we can’t be as we are, we must become more and do better. We are what we do, not what we want or what we feel.

  • The studio will constantly invest in new technologies and resources to provide the tools necessary to create. The studio will create new production opportunities, performance opportunities, and platforms to help the artists promote and profit from their work.
  • The coaches must continually improve their knowledge and experience practically and theoretically by studying others, innovating on their own, and actively creating.
  • The students must attend consistently, work intensely, follow their coach’s instruction, participate, and pay timely.

Win – Win

We’re a studio that is focused on winning, so we do not engage in deals with each other or with outside organizations in a manner that results in winners and losers. Compromising is a win/lose agreement. We only seek win/win agreements. Every person who participates in an outcome is entitled to a portion of it based on their contribution and risk compared to the whole. We must never put anyone’s needs over another or allow other people to put their needs over our own. There is always another option, another way, we just have to make a concentrated effort to understand each other and put in the work necessary to find a better solution. We don’t need to know the answers, we just need to know that we will be treated fairly and that we can trust each other.

Harmony Not Conformity

The tension created by opposing views keeps us in balance. Iron sharpens iron, but the process of grinding up against other people to become sharper is uncomfortable. Being around people who have different perspectives forces us to defend our ideas and views. When you do that it forces you to be clearer and more articulate. It will also drive you to discover new conclusions. Artists need to be strong, formidable, resilient, and clear. These qualities can not be developed in a safe space where your ideas are never challenged and are just accepted. We need friction to become sharp. We need fire to become strong. We need those opposite of us because we can’t be changed by people who are the same as us. We need different notes and different instruments working together to create harmony, unity is easier, and more comfortable, but it dulls.

Eliminate Corruption

The purpose of authority is to preserve the integrity of a system but when a person in authority allows people to bypass the system in exchange for personal gain, the community can’t exist. Nobody is upset that Lebron James makes more than anyone else in the NBA because we trust that he is the best player. Whatever outcomes happen the community must feel like that was acceptable. 4No corruption will be tolerated. Anyone in a position of authority who uses their position for personal gain, anyone who attempts to bypass the systems because it’s a shortcut to success will be disposed of immediately. Leadership roles are parental, not boss-like. Authority serves the community. We must want the best person to win, according to our values, even when that isn’t us. We must make sure the parameters are clear and attainable. If someone falls short we must give them an actionable plan. The systems that bind us together must be trusted. If we fail in this our members will become disenfranchised and the entire community will die.

Preserve the Relationship At All Costs

We will seek to preserve relationships at all costs, not the type of relationship. We need experience. We need each other. Nobody is disposable. We’re going to hurt each other. It’s unavoidable but when that happens rather than end the relationship we must adjust it. We can all work together, we can’t all be friends, lovers, business partners, etc. Adjust the level of intimacy but never cut people out. We have to account for other people who bother us because we bother others. The goal is not to create a perfect world where everyone agrees but to practice how to navigate an imperfect world that allows us to be our authentic selves and also a part of the community. We need to reserve the level of intimacy to those who are like us but never exclude someone for not being like us. Sit with the people you love but make sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Romantic Relationships

If you engage in activities that compromise your standing in the community you have to be willing to accept those consequences. We discourage dating fellow students, staff from dating each other, and staff from getting romantically involved with students. We’re all adults here and we have the freedom to make our own decisions the problem is, most people aren’t as mature as they think they are, so if you get involved with someone, and it becomes an issue, we have a zero-tolerance policy on bullshit and it may not work out in your favor and you could be in the right but still get punished. If you all can handle it and it doesn’t become an issue I fully believe in two adults handling complex situations, however, if it turns out you can’t or they can’t you may be removed. Drive drunk if you want to, maybe you’ll get home fine, but if you hit someone or get pulled over on the way you’re screwed. You decide if it’s worth the risk.

Do Not Harm Others

Our subjective emotional experience is our responsibility. Harm cannot be measured subjectively by how you feel, it’s measured objectively. Physical injury can be objectively measured. Financial injury can be objectively measured. Reducing someone’s social standing or reputation i.e. can be measured. Any intentional harm or harm caused by gross negligence that can be objectively measured will not be tolerated, harm that is considered subjective can’t be. If you are causing emotional distress, try to be mindful of sensitive folks. If you are experiencing emotional distress, try to prepare yourself when going around less sensitive folks so that you won’t be so easily triggered. Let’s meet in the middle and recognize that we need all types.

Tolerating Others

Tolerance is like Thanksgiving. You have all sorts of people who fundamentally disagree on important issues bringing something for others to enjoy and sharing a meal. Strong communities require different perspectives, so people are going to think differently and argue with you. This is not comfortable but will make you stronger and able to function better in a world that has become increasingly polarized. A beautiful garden has many kinds of plants. Some thrive in harsh environments and need lots of heat and will be killed by too much water, others require a milder climate, and some need to be submerged in water or they will die. Rather than try to make the desert less dry to accommodate water lilies or the pond more arid and hot to accommodate the cactus, understand that our needs and perspectives are different.


We must be constantly reinventing ourselves and striving to be the best. We don’t know the best way. We only know what’s worked best so far. If we make a million that’s great but what if our choices could have made us a billion? The work is never done. We’re never done growing. Enough is never enough. The studio can be better, the coaches can be better, and the students can be better. If we become stagnate. If we focus too much on the status quo. Maintain how things are by not letting others have an opportunity to change the structure of the organization, the nature of the work, the methodologies, and the technologies.